Oculus Link now supports nearly any USB cable you own

Oculus Link now supports nearly any USB cable you own

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Oculus Link demonstration on Oculus Quest

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Oculus Link has been available for a while, but ’s been finicky about the cables you use — to the point where it was sometimes easier to buy the $79 official cable to connect your Quest to your PC. Now, ’s virtually certain that you have what you need. UploadVR has found that the latest Rif software’s Public Test Channel update widens support to nearly any USB cable, including 2.0 cables. You can use the cable that shipped with your VR headset, to put another way.

With that said, don’t expect stellar results. The software will warn you that “performance can be improved” with a USB 3.0 cable, so you may have to make compromises if you don’t have something faster.

You’ll still want to use a long cable (including Oculus’ specialty cable) if you’re playing any game that involves significant movement. Likewise, going wireless isn’t really an option if you want to play Rift games. This significantly widens access to Link, though, and might make an easier sell if you want the convenience of stand-alone VR without giving up access to Rift games.

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