Children the world over count down the days until Christmas, when they’ll be able to unwrap and play with their new toys. Adults, meanwhile, anxiously check the shipping status on their rice cookers and bird watching binoculars when their bosses aren’t looking. Luxury car enthusiasts should have something to look forward to, too, at least according to Porsche. Those who order a 911 can check on the car’s status using the Porsche Track Your Dream service on the company’s website, and stay informed about its production in Germany, all the way up to its arrival at the local dealership.

Porsche Track Your Dreams features 14 milestone events, and expecting customers can read the details about each of them so they know exactly how far along their six-figure purchase is. A countdown clock shows how many days are left before the bundle of joy is delivered to the dealership. (It usually takes between two and three to have a custom 911 built and shipped.) Porsche Track Your Dreams is only available to 911 buyers at the moment, but the company says that it plans to include the all-electric Taycan in the future. Hopefully this feature helps customers rest assured that their sports car hasn’t been lost in the mail.