Samsung’s 2020 soundbars include models with Alexa and object tracking

Samsung’s 2020 soundbars include models with Alexa and object tracking

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Samsung HW-S60T 'Lifestyle' soundbar


Samsung’s 2020 batch of soundbars includes many more than just the outdoor-friendly Terrace model. It’s shipping its Flagship Q series, Lifestyle S series and T series bars this month, with all of them available this spring. The high-end Q range (shown below) boasts audio tricks like Q-Symphony, which melds object tracking with your TV’s top speakers to produce a more immersive effect, as well as Acoustic Beam tech that spatially aligns the sound with what’s happening on screen. The top two models (the Q70T and Q800T) also include upward-firing speakers for Dolby Atmos and HDMI eARC support for higher-quality uncompressed audio.

The Q series starts at $500 and includes a wireless subwoofer, while springing for the Q800T will set you back $900.

For some, the most interesting models may be the decidedly more affordable Lifestyle models. The S series (pictured above) has a friendlier-looking round design covered in the Kvadrat textiles used for one of Samsung’s Galaxy S20 cases. The S60T also throws in Alexa voice control as well as a wide-range tweeter. That model costs $330, although a simpler S40T is available for $180.

The T series replaces the earlier R series and covers the low-to-mid-range lineup. You won’t find Atmos, Alexa or a special design, but they do pack wireless subs. The higher-end T550 and T650 models are also HDMI-capable and support DTS Virtual:X spatial surround sound. These start at $200 for the no-frills T450 and scale up to $400 for the T650.

Samsung Q800T soundbar


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