Amazon’s multiplayer Pac-Man game is made for Twitch streaming

Amazon̵;s multiplayer Pac-Man game is for

Pac-Man Live Studio - Endless Mode
Pac-Man Live Studio – Endless Mode

Amazon Games

Amazon Games showed it’s a serious competitor with the new shooter Crucible and has an MMO on the way, but its next game is the one that makes the most sense for Twitch streaming. That’s because Pac-Man Live Studio is not just a variant of the arcade classic, it’s apparently going to be playable directly in its own Twitch channel — perfect for sharing and interaction between streamers and viewers, or just friends teaming up from different locations.

Pac-Man Live Studio - Classic Mode
Pac-Man Live Studio – Classic Mode
Amazon Games

Tonight’s announcement describes three modes, with an Endless mode that allows you and friends to team up and try to progress through as many levels as you can — as long as one person survives, everyone keeps going. A custom Maze Creator encourage players to make maps and vote up the most popular ones, and Classic mode lets you take on everyone in the world in a battle to stay atop the leaderboard.

There’s no release date mentioned, but there are a few screenshots of the game that will arrive this June to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary.

Pac-Man Live Studio - Maze Creator
Pac-Man Live Studio – Maze Creator
Amazon Games

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