Spotify drops the 10,000-song cap on libraries

Spotify drops the 10,000-song cap on libraries

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At long last, Spotify is dropping the 10,000-song limit on My Library, so you’ll be able to save as tracks and albums as you like for easier access to them. You won’t need to remove any tunes to make space for new ones anymore.

It’s a welcome quality-of-life update, which has been a common request from users for years. For instance, it’ll be a boon for folks who save a ton of tracks from playlists and those who pre-save upcoming albums from their favorite artists. The change is rolling out now, so don’t worry too much if you still see the “all up” notification when you try to add something else. The update will reach your account soon.

However, your Spotify experience still won’t be truly unfettered. Playlists remain capped at 10,000 tracks each, and Premium members can download up to that many tracks on five different devices for offline listening. That might leave you in a slightly annoying position of not being able to download your entire library onto your phone.

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