IFTTT Pro will let users create more complex actions for $10 per month

IFTTT Pro will let users create more complex actions for $10 per month

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IFTTT has brought us plenty of cool tricks — from allowing your Roomba or TomTom GPS talk to your smart home devices to integrating with Domino’s pizza tracker — and of course, users have been able build their own “if this then that” applets. Now, IFTTT is ready to move beyond “if this then that,” so it’s introducing IFTTT Pro, which will allow users create applets with queries, conditional logic and multiple actions.

For instance, IFTTT says Pro can create an applet that, in the evenings, queries both your Google Calendar and Slack before turning on your Philips Hue lights and playing your evening Spotify playlist.

While this is a useful service, IFTTT is making a “big and potentially controversial change.” It will charge $9.99 per month for Pro, and subscribers will be able create unlimited Applets. But its regular, free plan will now limit users to creating just three Applets. 

IFTTT promises it will use that money to keep improving Pro. To make this transition a little easier, Pro subscribers can set their own price for the first year, if they sign up before October 7th.

“We made this decision to better align our Pro product roadmap with the needs of our most active Applet creators,” IFTTT Founder and CEO Linden Tibbets said in a blog post.

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