Apple Watch Series 6 is all about colors and a new blood oxygen sensor

Apple Watch Series 6 is all about colors and a new blood oxygen sensor

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Apple Watch Series 6


How do you follow an already excellent product like the Apple Watch Series 5? By offering a wide variety of new colors, and implementing a new health sensor that’ll deliver better blood oxygen monitoring. The Apple Watch Series 6, announced today a media event, builds on all of the smartwatch innovations the company has been working towards the past few years. The new health sensor makes it an even more powerful personal medical tool, while keeping the always on display from the last generation.

But you’re out of luck if you were hoping for a complete redesign. Apple’s sticking with the same basic of the Apple Watch Series 4, but one the bright side that edge-to-edge display still looks fetching. And now you can choose from new colors like blue, red, gold and a unique stainless steel black. Aside from Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line, it’s not like there’s much competition for Apple these days, so it’s no surprise the company didn’t completely revamp its look.

Apple says the new health sensor will be able to check your blood oxygen levels within 15 seconds.


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