Logitech G mice get the world’s first sub-micron sensor with an update

Logitech G mice get the world’s first sub-micron sensor with an update

Your screens are starting to feature higher and higher resolutions so it makes sens that your controllers should also become more precise, or at least that’s what the marketing hype suggests. Either way, Logitech has advanced the sensor technology in its high-end gaming mice so that the HERO (High Efficiency Rated Optical) sensor capable of tracking movement at the sub-micron level for the first time, going from 16,000 DPI to 25,000 DPI.

The better news that for owners of certain newer models, you can experience the upgrade for free via a software update. As Slashgear points out, while some older HERO-equipped are left out, the newer ones with an upgraded sensor include the Pro, G903 HERO, G502 Lightspeed, Pro Wireless, G703 HERO, G604, G502 HERO and G403 HERO.

The update available via Logitech’s G Hub control software, and according to the company, achieves its high-resolution figure without any smoothing, parasitic counts or spurious motion, so you have no one else to blame for your low kill-death ratio.

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