Keep your glasses free from fog with this spray

Keep your glasses free from fog with this spray

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If you’ve been wearing a protective mask outside in order to reduce the transmission of the coronavirus, we salute you. Your valiant efforts have undoubtedly helped to reduce the number of and have subsequently reduced the burden on healthcare professionals on the front lines.

But wearing a mask is easier some people than it is for others, and if you wear glasses you’ve likely been forced to endure foggy lenses whenever you wear your mask at the same time.

FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses is here to save the day. As the world’s leading anti-fog spray, FogBlock™ keeps your glasses and face shield clear and free from obnoxious fog at all times, and it’s available right now for over 10 percent off at just $13.

This powerful anti-fog solution will keep your lenses completely clear for up to 24 hours with a single wipe—allowing you to go about your day without having to worry about constantly removing and cleaning your lenses.

The streak-free, non-toxic formula is safe to use on all types of lenses including glasses, sunglasses and goggles, and the specialized long-lasting solution is perfect for glasses-wearers who need to speed long periods of time outdoors.

The small 1 fl oz bottle is also ideal for frequent travelers, since you’ll be able to keep it in your carry-on luggage for easy access.

Stay safe and virus-free without having to worry about consistent streams of fog clouding up your glasses and obstructing your view. This FogBlock™Anti-Fog Solution for PPE Masks & Glasses solution is here to help, and it’s available right now for just $13—over 10 percent off its usual price for a limited time.

Prices are subject to change.

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