Grado’s first true wireless earbuds promise the brand’s ‘signature sound’

Grado’s first true wireless earbuds promise the brand’s ‘signature sound’

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Grado GT220 true wireless earbuds


Grado is best known for its classic headphone designs, but it’s now jumping into thoroughly modern hardware with its first true wireless earbuds. The new GT220 buds reportedly preserve Grado’s “signature sound” despite the Bluetooth link, promising a neutral midrange response with “definitive” bass and a “natural” high end. While you probably won’t mistake these for reference headphones, they might claim an edge over other quality-focused alternatives.

Battery life is unusually strong, too. The buds themselves offer a healthy six per charge, but the included battery case delivers up to 36 hours of total listening. They should last through a full work day with a top-up at lunch, in other words. The case includes both USB-C and wireless charging.

There’s no active noise cancellation or mention of water resistance, they won’t be ideal for particularly noisy environments or workouts. They’re otherwise up to date, though, with Bluetooth 5.0, touch controls and access to your preferred voice assistant.

The GT220 buds are available to pre-order now for $259 with an expected ship date of October 15th. That’s more than some of its competitors, but decidedly more affordable than high-end options from Bang & Olufsen and Sennheiser. If Grado’s buds sound as good as claimed, they could represent a relative bargain if you’re a music lover who can’t stand wires.

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