Spotify promo cards are a more visual way to share music and podcasts

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Spotify Promo Cards


The time you see your favorite artist or podcaster share their latest recording on social media, you may see them use a new tool from Spotify to do so. The company is introducing new promo cards for both musicians and podcasters that give creators an easy and attractive way to advertise their latest release on platforms like Twitter and Instagram. 

Creating the cards involves navigating to either the Spotify for Artists or Spotify for Podcasters websites and following the on-screen instructions. The promo cards can lead to a profile page or a specific track, album or podcast episode. Additionally, those who get their content featured in one or more of Spotify’s top 33 music or podcast playlists can make specific cards to point people to those. The card you see below is in landscape format, but the interface Spotify built makes it easy to make vertical and square cards as well. 

Fans too can create cards; you don’t need a login to access the creation websites. Spotify says it made the feature for creators, but thinks fans will want to celebrate their favorites as well.  

Making it easy for musicians and podcasters to advertise their content is smart business on Spotify’s part. If you try making one of your own cards, you’ll notice you can only direct people to Spotify, not to other platforms like Apple Music.

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