Vizio’s first 4K OLED TVs are on sale starting at $1,200

Vizio’s first 4K OLED TVs are on sale starting at $1,200

At CES in January Vizio revealed it would finally add a couple of OLED options to its TV lineup, and now they’re going on sale. With their incredible contrast and ability to produce details while watching dark scenes, OLED TVs have remained at the top of our recommended lists over the last few years. The only issue is they’re still expensive compared to many TVs that use LED technology, but as Vizio is lowering the price of entry.

This summer they announced the pricing of the 55- and 65-inch OLED TVs at $1,300 and $2,000, but right now they’re going on sale at Best Buy for $100 cheaper through October 9th. At their current prices, the 55-inch OLED55-H1 is $300 cheaper than LG’s cheapest 55-inch OLED, the $1,500 OLED55BXPUA, while the 65-inch OLED65-H1 comes in $100 cheaper than the current price for LG’s OLED65XPUA.

Buy Vizio 65-inch OLED65-H1 at Best Buy – $1,899.99Buy Vizio 55-inch OLED55-H1 at Best Buy – $1,199.99

These TVs come with Vizio’s latest SmartCast tech built-in, as well as HDMI 2.1 inputs with support for Variable Refresh that will come in handy if you’re looking to pair these with a PS5 or Xbox Series X. Early purchasers had noted some issues with VRR compatibility and the Xbox One X, but that appears to have been resolved with a firmware update.

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