‘Bugsnax’ arrives November 12th as a PS5 launch title

‘Bugsnax’ arrives November 12th as a PS5 launch title

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'Bugsnax' on PS5

Young /PlayStation Blog, Flickr

Bugsnax created a stir at Sony’s June PS5 games event due to its goofy premise and memorable song, and now you know just when you’ll get to see if the game lives up to its early attention. Young Horses (the developer behind Octodad) has confirmed that Bugsnax will be available on November 12th, the same day as the PS5 launch. Not that you’ll need a PS5 to it — it’ll also be released at the same time for PS4, as well as Macs and PCs through the Epic Games Store.

You play a journalist visiting Snaktooth Island to investigate Bugsnax, critters that affect the bodies of people who eat . As you might imagine, that gives you an excuse to adventure across the island finding Bugsnax, feeding the grumpuses that want these creatures, and “solving the mysteries” of the island. The experience should be similar in most respects across platforms, although the PS5 version will undoubtedly look better its PS4 counterpart. It should take advantage of the DualSense controller’s advanced haptics, too.

This probably isn’t a system-seller for the PS5, but it adds to a list of launch day games that still includes a large number of tweaks to existing titles. It’s also one of the relatively few family-friendly PS5 titles arriving on November 12 — this might be your pick you’re not convinced that Astro’s Playroom or Sackboy will really fit the bill.

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