Einride makes its autonomous delivery EVs more aerodynamic

Einride makes its delivery EVs more aerodynamic

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Einride's AET electric delivery truck


Electric truck maker Einride has updated the design of its autonomous Pod delivery vehicle to make it more aerodynamic. It also opened pre-orders for two models from the Autonomous Electric Transport (AET) range. AET 1 and AET 2 should start shipping in 2021, while AET 3 and AET 4 will be available in 2022 or 2023.

Just like the company’s previous EVs, the AETs don’t have a cabin for a backup driver to sit in. They’re capable of Level 4 self-driving ( they’re mostly autonomous), and they can be operated remotely. A single operator can monitor vehicles.

AET 1 and AET 2 have similar specifications. They can travel at speeds topping 30 km/h with a payload capacity of up to 16 tons. They have a range of between 130 and 180 (80-112 miles).

The key difference between them is their operational boundaries. AET 1 is designed for use in closed areas, such as ports and depots, with predetermined routes and schedules. The AET 2 can handle short routes on public roads.

The AET 3 and AET 4 are respectively designed for rural and highway operations. They have the same range and payload capacity as the other two EVs, but have higher top speeds. The AET 3 can hit 45 km/h and the AET 4 can move at 85 km/h.

Einride claims the EVs can “reduce transport costs by up to 60 percent and CO2 emissions by a staggering 90 percent.” The company has run a year-long trial of its Pod on a public road in Sweden, and it’s apparently to make its EVs more broadly available.

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