‘Worms Rumble’ open beta test starts November 6th

‘Worms Rumble’ open beta test starts November 6th

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'Worms Rumble' open beta on PS4

Team 17/PlayStation Blog, Flickr

You’ll soon get to find how how well a Worms battle royale works in practice. Team 17 has revealed (via PlayStation Blog) Worms Rumble will be available on PS5, PS4, and Steam on December 1st, with a cross-play open beta running between November 6th and November 8th. The test will include the game’s signature battle royale modes (Last Worm Standing and Last Squad Standing), standard deathmatch, and one arena as well as a training map.

You’ll have to the launch day weapons and new utilities like the jetpack and grapple gun.

Worms Rumble ditches the conventional turn-based gameplay of the series in favor of real-time , albeit with many of the familiar mechanics. There aren’t dramatic visual differences between releases, although the PS5 version will unsurprisingly play in 4K. Really, this is more about shaking up the franchise than pushing technical limits.

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