Apple’s AirPods Pro are at their lowest price ever on Woot

Apple’s AirPods Pro are at their lowest price ever on Woot

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Apple AirPods Pro on sale at woot


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With Amazon’s Prime Day looming, expect things to change fast in the world of deals. A case in is Apple’s AirPods Pro: They went on sale at Amazon just a half day ago for $0, but we’re already seeing them at a cheaper price. You can now find them at Woot (an Amazon company, by the way) for $10 less at $190, the lowest AirPods Pro price we’ve ever seen.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro at Woot – $190

As we mentioned earlier, the AirPods Pro are Apple’s best true wireless earbuds, thanks to features like active noise cancellation, on-board controls and silicon ear tips that make them a good fit for most people. They offer much-improved sound quality over previous models, with great clarity across the audio spectrum. A recent update made them even better, with support for spatial audio and quick switching between devices. That makes them particularly good if you have, , an iPhone, iPad and MacBook and tend to watch videos on all three devices.

The drawbacks are that they’re very much designed to work with other Apple products and don’t sound quite as good as Sony’s WF-1000XM3 earphones — even though they cost $20 more at full retail. At just $190, however, they’re very competitive, so if you’re a fan of Apple products and that unique AirPod look, now is the time to buy.

While Woot is an Amazon site, its status as a limited-time deals portal means it has a more onerous return policy than its owner. Orders are more difficult to cancel or modify, returns are charged postage and there are numerous returns exceptions. We’d recommend reading the site’s return policy and being absolutely sure you want to order before doing so.

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