Google is bucking the $1,000 phone trend, and I’m here for it. The company’s Pixel 4a received nearly universal acclaim earlier this year, if only because that $350 price tag was impossible to argue with. But with the new Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, Google’s decision to prioritize affordability and 5G speeds over premium specs was met with criticism. The 4a 5G in particular is basically a slightly stretched-out 4a with a second camera and, well, a 5G radio. For that, you’ll be paying north of $500. 

Google’s priorities for 2020 are , and though this year’s Pixel lineup is slightly confusing, it represents a reprieve from the exorbitant flagships we’ve seen from Apple and Samsung. But it’s not as if the Pixel 4a 5G doesn’t face competition from OnePlus or Samsung, both of which have solid offerings for about the same price. The question then is: If you buy the Pixel 4a 5G now, will it be good enough to last you the next few years?