Google Assistant is rolling out on Samsung’s 2020 TVs in the US

Google Assistant is rolling out on Samsung’s 2020 TVs in the US

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After of trying to make Bixby happen, Samsung is coming around and enabling support for better AI helpers like Alexa and Google Assistant. The company announced at CES this year that you can choose to use these assistants on its QLED 8K TV, but Google Assistant only just became available. It’ll work on 2020 models of Samsung’s Sero, Serif, Frame, Terrace, Crystal UHD and 8K and 4K QLEDs.

With Google Assistant on these devices, you can not only control other smart devices, but also use it to pull up your favorite show or get onscreen answers to your questions. You’ll need to connect your TV to the Google Assistant app on your phone by heading over to Settings on your big screen and selecting it under Voice. You’ll need to give Samsung and Google permission to share information with each other as well as access to your voice.

Google also announced a slew of updates alongside this news, including support for its Assistant on Fitbit’s Sense and Versa 3 smartwatches. The wearables already offer support for Alexa, and the new integration makes sense given Google’s pending acquisition of Fitbit. We haven’t tested Assistant support on either the Fitbits or the Samsung TVs yet, but it could make them useful and intuitive.

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