This $50 app will keep your mind sharp

This $50 will keep mind sharp

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Exercising regularly increases and maintains your muscle strength. mind is no different. Your brain isn’t exactly a muscle, but training it regularly will strengthen your cognitive skills and keep you sharp. 

But just like targeting different muscle groups, you also need to condition your mind in multiple areas such as memory, response time and retention. CogniFit can help. This app uses a approach to assess areas where your brain needs conditioning. Think of it as a personal workout plan for your mind. Annual subscriptions to CogniFit Premium cost $119, but Engadget readers can sign up today for just $49.99. That’s 58% off!

The process begins with validated neuropsychological tests that evaluate 23 cognitive skills and pinpoint areas of improvement. CogniFit uses your results to recommend stimulation programs to improve your skills and brain plasticity. These programs include personalized brain games and exercises in areas such as concentration, mental arithmetic, perception and more. 

You can monitor your progress in real-time to visualize your improvement over time or detect when and your skills have regressed. Finally, all of CogniFit’s brain programs have been scientifically validated by schools and universities all over the world, so you can rest assured that you’ll receive accurate performance reports. 

Your mind is your greatest asset. It grows stronger as you temper it, but it gets weak if neglected. CogniFit will keep your mind in tip-top condition and alert you in case you need to improve. Sign up now for a 1-year subscription to CogniFit Premium and get $69 off, bringing the price down to $49.99.

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