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Learn to produce music with Ableton Live for $29

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It’s getting harder and harder to stay entertained at home as we head into winter. If you’re ready to turn boredom into something fun and productive, learn a new skill with this music production virtual training.

With this Ableton Music Production Mastery Bundle, you’ll develop the skills to start your own viral livestream or at least produce some tunes from your living room. It includes seven courses packed with 28 hours of instruction, so you can start to leverage Ableton Live (a music production staple) like a real producer or DJ. You’ll also learn the necessary DJing skills to get the most out of your samples and play a set live one day.

First thing’s first: you’ll start with the basics. That means familiarizing yourself with the platform and learning how to record audio. Next, you’ll move on to intermediate lessons, like audio interfacing and getting the right hardware for your home studio. You’ll also learn how to record MIDI using keyboard input, a controller or even manually inputting your own notes. Once you’ve nailed that, you’re onto the fun stuff. You’ll start producing your own music clips and learning how to edit, arrange and create unique drum beats of your own. 

There’s even lessons that focus on teaching you how to perform using controllers, Audio Effect Racks and other advanced techniques. One of the courses includes a visit from DJ James Patrick, an internationally-known DJ who share some of his favorite techniques (no Cameo fee required). That’s a ton of value and entertainment for a $29 investment.

You can revisit the courses and hone your skills anytime you’d like a refresher with lifetime access to the materials. Plus you’ll be saving a massive discount of 97% off the value of the courses.

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