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Instagram extends the maximum length of Live streams to four hours

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Instagram Live streams are about to get a whole lot longer. The service is extending the maximum length of a stream to four hours, up from just one hour. That could lead to longer virtual concerts and Q&As with prominent figures, along with — worryingly for some — lengthier remote classes.

Your account will need to be in good standing (i.e. you’ve had zero policy or intellectual property violations) to stream for longer. That’s presumably to ward people off from streaming movies and whatnot to their followers.

You’ll soon be able to archive streams for up to 30 days, which Instagram says will work in a similar way to archiving Stories and posts from your feed. Earlier this year, Instagram added the option to save streams on IGTV — you can upload streams there from your archive too. It also plans to update the Live Now section that pops up on IGTV and at the end of a stream. It’s hoping to help you find active streams you’ll be interested in from users that you follow and ones you don’t.

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