Wednesday, November 25, 2020


PlayStation 5 review: Great 4K gaming with an odd design

5 : 4K an odd design


Sony knows it’s on top. The PS4 handily outsold every other previous-generation console. But instead of coasting on its success, the company is staying aggressive with the PlayStation 5. It generally matches the Xbox Series X’s fast hardware, and it also has one of the most innovative controllers we’ve ever seen. While the PS5’s design may be a matter of taste, at least Sony succeeded in delivering something Microsoft couldn’t: must-have games that actually take advantage of its hardware.

So much of the PlayStation 5 screams “next generation” — and that’s a good thing when many gamers are eager for a reason to upgrade. Because let’s face it, the last round of systems were kind of a mess. The PS4 and One aged so poorly as consumers adopted 4K TVs, that the old hardware practically demanded mid-cycle refreshes: the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. And while those systems were certainly powerful, bringing us close to the dream of 4K gaming in our living rooms, they were bogged down by slow mechanical hard drives and hardware that was easily outmatched by basic gaming PCs. They were a stop-gap measure, and nothing more.

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  • Fast 4K gaming
  • Minimal load times
  • Solid launch lineup
  • Excellent DualSense controller
  • Flimsy case design
  • Less storage space than Xbox
  • Limited backwards compatibility


The PlayStation 5 is the ideal next-generation console from Sony, with powerful hardware, fast load times and a choice selection of launch titles. It may look a bit weird, but it makes up for that with one of the finest controllers we’ve ever seen.

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