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Arkane’s ‘Deathloop’ hits PS5 and PC on May 21st, 2021

’s ‘Deathloop’ PS5 and PC on May ,



easy Dishonored fans. Deathloop, the latest entry from Arkane, finally has a firm release date of May 21th, 2021 for the PS5 and PC, the company confirmed today. Deathloop was originally supposed to arrive this holiday season, but, like so many other high profile titles, it was delayed until 2021. it’s a console exclusive on the PS5 for now, Arkane is also owned by Bethesda, which Microsoft is in the process of buying. Microsoft says it’ll honor existing exclusivity deals if its acquisition goes through.

Deathloop puts you in the shoes of an assassin who has to eliminate a series of targets using Dishonored-like powers and weapons, in a seemingly never-ending cycle. Death loop, get it? It also has a compelling multiplayer component, in which another player can join your game as a rival assassin and attempt to disrupt your loop. That should give the game a bit more of a life-span, especially if Arkane can build a decent community around it.

As someone who’s loved the Dishonored series, and could never quite understand why it didn’t become a tremendous hit, I’m hoping Deathloop could be a more accessible way for Arkane to show off its tight stealth mechanics. Just look at how Apex Legends became a hit by essentially recycling Titanfall 2’s excellent gunplay mechanics.

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