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Beyond Meat says its new plant-based burgers are juicier and healthier

Beyond its new plant-based burgers are and

Beyond Meat burgers for 2021

Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat isn’t letting McDonalds’ plant-based burger go unanswered. The meat alternative maker has unveiled two new versions of the Beyond Burger that address complaints from those who still prefer beef. The lead burger is reportedly the company’s “juiciest” while still containing 35 percent less saturated fat than typical 80/20 beef (80 percent lean, 20 percent fat). If you’re interested in health above all else, a nutrition-oriented burger has 55 percent less saturated fat than 80/20 beef.

Both of the plant burgers promise B vitamins and minerals “comparable” to beef while offering fewer calories and less overall fat than their bovine equivalents. You can expect the same “savory taste profile,” Beyond Meat said.

The updated Beyond Burgers will be available across the US in 2021, although Los Angeles residents can reserve a slot to try the burgers between November 18th and November 20th.

This revamp could help adoption among those who still notice too much of a difference between plant-based burgers and meat, not to mention those who’ve wanted burgers that were genuinely healthier in to the reduced environmental impact. And in some ways, this might be crucial to Beyond Meat’s survival. McDonald’s alone could offer stiff competition, and Beyond’s arch rival Impossible Foods is rapidly expanding its footprint. Tastier and more health-friendly burgers could give Beyond an edge and keep it ahead of at least some competitors.

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