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Itch.io will give developers its cut of game sales on Black Friday

Itch.io its cut of on

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Indie game storefront Itch.io is taking a slightly different approach to Black Friday than most retailers this year. While the platform plans to run a sale that weekend like everyone else, on Black Friday only, the marketplace will forego its cut of game sales. As such, developers will have an increased revenue share for that day. 

According to a forum post, developers won’t need to do anything on end. The revenue share change will be active for 24 hours, starting at midnight PT (3AM ET) on November 27th. 

Developers who want to include their games in the sale, which starts at the same time and runs until 10AM PT (1PM ET) on Monday, can lower the price of their titles during that time. They can also offer bundles of their own games, or work with other developers on a collaborative (or co-op) bundle. 

In June, Itch.io offered a massive pay-what-you-can bundle in support of racial justice. The bundle, which ended up including more than 1,700 titles, raised almost $8.2 million for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and the Community Bail Fund.

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