‘Among Us’ builds in Twitch streaming and Discord invites on mobile | Engadget

‘Among Us’ builds in Twitch streaming and Discord invites on mobile | Engadget

While Among Us stats on Steam show game’s player base has dropped sharply from its pandemic peak (176k average players in October to 13,668 over the last month), development on the game as progresses toward a launch on consoles. The latest update is focused on mobile platforms, adding direct integrations with Twitch and Discord.

When the game blew up unto perhaps the biggest surprise of 2020’s casual gaming hits, Twitch played a major role in its popularity, and now streamers can start their broadcast directly from a mobile device. It may not be the attention draw that it was when AOC jumped into a game, but it can still provide some content when you’re away from your gaming PC.

The ability to link Discord to the app so that you can directly share room codes and easily join invites (even from a PC) may help fill in where the game’s Quick Chat feature has failed to keep players hooked. Both features require creating a full account in the game, but the updates are live now across all platforms.

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